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The question was whether she should, as a Christian, accept the challenge of playing a fictional character that is amoral, manipulative and, at times, plain old nasty.

Marc Norman co-screenwriter - Shakespeare in Love: I think this sex scene may be among the most classy and erotic ever filmed. Naked pussy in public. There is no way in hell that I would have done that.

At first there's body double potential but then comes a scene where she sits up in a chair topless, face and breasts clearly visible in the same frame. Later there is a rather nice exposure of her breasts during a topless sunbathing scene. Rene russo nude scene. Rene Russo lying nude on top of a guy in bed, and we get a great look at her nice curves in the process. Having said that age doesn't matter, I do wish she will perform an encore before she reaches half a century-old. Anywho, on with my review of the beautiful Miss Russo.

I guarantee you, you won't. Someone said, "Oh, you should model. The fact that she is above 40 does not come into the equation at all. Joan Chen director and actress - Autumn in New York: Freeze frame is a beutiful invention. New lesbian hot. Lighten up, will ya. And in creating the taboo, we create frenzy around it. I have to tell you that I'm really thankful, because I have a big mouth. One is about the ethics of publishing leaked emails or stolen documents or other material obtained through dubious means, even if it's newsworthy.

But would the mother of a year-old, a year-old and a nine-year-old play this porn star where she would have to be nude in it? She told USA Today that she soon developed a spiritual answer for this essentially spiritual question.

It would've been her first time. And what a first time it was. Mark Gill president - Miramax Los Angeles: This would be enough to satisfy most Rene fans, but there's more! What are some of your regrets? We don't expect Al Pacino or Robert De Niro lying across a beach in a pair of Speedos with a cocktail in his hand trying to be seductive. Sitting on a chair sunbathing, Brosnan comes up behind her and her left breast is first seen from behind.

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I don't know what I would have done. What if she played the same role, but allowed the use of an anonymous "body double" to take her place in nude scenes?

She and Brosnan then return to his place for some heated love making. Sexy model tits. She has two nude scenes; the first is when she's dancing seductively with Pierce Brosnan in a sheer black dress, which allows for ample views of Rene's stunning rack and tight ass. Also from then on you see her topless just walking around a lot. Rene Russo sitting topless at the beach reading in a floppy red hat, showing off her nice breasts and hard nipples as a guy approaches from across the sand.

This was probably the best scene of the movie for clear, well-lit nudityOne final scene shows Rene laying on top of Pierce on his back in a sidelong view. Rene russo nude scene. Newer Post Yes, there is a St. Rene is beautiful and after seeing her nude in this I am convinced that she has to do more nude scenes. And I'm so fortunate, because I worked with amazingly talented people. Nude women from around the world. But I wasn't thinking like Rosie was when I was her age! This was not the kind of movie that normally inspires discussions in a seminary or in churches.

When I think of Showgirls and Basic Instinct, the distinction is in the excellence of the film.

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She was in Ulee's Gold, and she was fabulous, but, you know, very few people saw that film, and Seventh Heaven, her TV show, is so sweet and syrupy, she really passed under the radar for a lot of years. She is one hot babe.

Rene is in revealing or no clothes for most of this movie. I didn't get a kick out of this at all. You were 45, and it was great to see a woman your age with Pierce [Brosnan]!

I always had some kind of a job. Lighten up, will ya. Horsecheese was written on October 5, Anywho, on with my review of the beautiful Miss Russo.

The next scene shows Rene being tickled by Pierce, with her back to the camera. That gave me hope! When she is dancing with Brosnan you can see right through her dress, also they then go back to his house and have sex in which you see very much of Rene.

I just advised someone who wasn't willing to do anything other than upper-frontal nudity not to agree to nudity. I was inspecting eyeglass lenses for a while.

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