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Stacey suro naked

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The year-old single mother didn't have much to say when we stopped by her Sugar Land home to get her side of the story. Tamala jones naked pics. Maybe people are just intimidated by her strength and self confidence. Stacey suro naked. When she or any other officer is paid for 24 hours then being a member of the Borg can possibly be discussed. Plenty of officers and firemen are asked to pose with shirts off for calendars at agency approval it raises money for charity.

This was one of the top 10 who gives a hoot topics. It makes me wonder who found these. This thread is worthless without the uncensored pics Key phrase right there.

Do You Have a Personal Life? And how will I feel tomarrow or in 5 years from now. Instead, she will work inside the department's property room near downtown. Being in LE you always have to think who will this affect today or tomarrow?

Some of us forget that we are cops and that makes all the difference in the world. Sexy lesbian milf. So she used the uniform The problem though is cop haters will use those photos to tarnish cops. Sure if she ran this by upper management for approval might have got a thumbs up. Although I don't know all of the details here, I am going to go with the department on this one. KPRC Local 2 is still waiting for an answer to that question.

I agree with a couple of others who posted. Go to mobile site. I have seen people do worse things and not be removed from working the streets, or rank. He holds several patents for autonomous robots used in security applications. The rule to understand is that any action that may bring discredit on the department opens the officer for punishment.

Stacey suro naked

Looking around for leopard print blouse in my office now I can't believe how many people are being so critical of this Sergeant. Meh, she is not that hot. I thought Sgts had chevrons, not bars.

I skipped the article and went straight to google. Naked nude black. Pics or it didnt happen Instead, McClelland released a statement saying that the department was aware of the allegations but he could not comment until the investigation was completed.

All I can say is good luck Sgt. Being in the fraternity of law enforcement means each man and woman must care for the honor of their brothers and sisters.

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Will he or she get hit with CUBO too!?!?! We all know that every large department has at least a few. I remember in GA a school teacher was out right fired Flinstone style for having a picture on her private facebook of her drinking a beer in Germany she was over You have to make the job appealing.

Than what exactly is the problem? The investigation into this supervisor's online activity started last Wednesday. Fuck sex hot xxx. Had she airbrushed out any features that identified her agency from the uniform she would have a valid defense. A part time cop and a full time "gangster" rapper. You could be the model police officer too much cleavage or an exposed ballsack gets the badge and your pension taken away. Maybe they need to take a how to be a model class. Using this job as a punishment means that there is no value placed upon proper evidence control.

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Man arrested over threats to kill Sen. She's kind of MILF-tastic. There are two questions. Stacey suro naked. Big tit blowjob photos. It is impossible to describe just how popular these guys were in the 70's ctvnews. I'm smuggling a weapon I want her to find. A lawyer for the Houston Police Officers Union said Tuesday Stacey Suro had accepted the police chief's recommended discipline, which includes the demotion in rank and transfer from street patrol to the property room, the Houston Chronicle reported. Same with the story we heard way back about a teacher who also starred in porn films.

Leave her alone, that is her choice and hers alone. This seems like a good time to post this: Like eat sushi and not pay. Her attorney said she accepts responsibility for her decisions.

Much nicer than simply replying to some random post. Annie ilonzeh nude pics. It has nothing to do with her job, nothing to do with her judgment or ability. Every piece of evidence within the Houston Police Department's property room is now "tainted" and subject to challenge in court based upon their own feeling that there is no value of trust placed upon Officers in that position. I think of working undercover with female officers who posed as hookers, tramps, models, etc. I'm pretty sure I saw that on skinemax last week.

The pictures, posted on ModelMayhem.

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She did nothing wrong to comprise her credibility. Who gives a rats ass what she does when she's not working??? Kendra McKenzie Gill and the other year-olds pleaded guilty Thursday to attempted possession of a chemical device, a misdemeanor.

Suro has since taken the link down. Horny big tit asian. Stacey suro naked. Ameteur black lesbians See questions Ask a question. Sure if she ran this by upper management for approval might have got a thumbs up. My comment is this "That a female police woman apparently is supposed to forget that she's a woman, and become masculine when she goes into uniform, I have just got to say that's BS".

Most users ever online was 19, at There's something known as bringing the enforcement of law into disrepute. She was NOT on duty. Man on man, woman on woman; anything goes! I'll google her when I get home. Don't do anything wrong and you've got nothing to worry about.

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