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And it's nice to see the characters interacting with one another, especially the angsty scenes between Merlin and Morgana and Merlin and Gaius. Young milf gangbang. Thanks for the article and info, R And Bradley mentioned in another interview how people were asking for his autograph when he revisited his old drama school - he's on an international hit show and he didn't expect people to ask for his autograph?

Merlin strikes a pose. You forget he's a year-old. Naked bradley james. It gave him a distinctive British quality. Gorgeous music, lots of suspense, great scenes between Arthur and Guinevere.

The thread is almost full. I would've tuned in for that. I don't know if it's a big thing or not, I voted for him anyway They film 8 months per series 4 in France, 4 in Cardiff with one week off in August, then after filming ends, X number of weeks of promoting the series, signings, conventions, etc Sounds like something Shirley Jackson would write, interesting but dark and creepy.

The chemistry between the two of them is what made "series" 1 worth watching. For what it's worth, fastpasstv. Naked women spanked. Love the non-hug moment. I don't particularly care for Bradley James.

R73, there are plenty of places where there are illegal download links of the episode sidereel, ovguide, etc. In "The Labyrinth of Gedref" it's particularly noticeable. Great - this'll set the fangurls off. How come the photo at R is so small? Season 1 was the first British program to be shown during U. Cute gif of him smiling: It's interesting to read that both Colin and Bradley don't have girlfriends. Mistreat your servent they do everything for you but do they get any thanks?!

The clip at R is from 'Inspector Lewis'. Bradley and Colin were on the Paul O'Grady show tonight and Colin confirmed officially there with be a series 3. They're probably still finding this level of attention very surreal. The artist who maims himself? Livejournal and IMDB were particularly bad for a while. The fangirls drew him yellow-ish again

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And what beautiful feets! And of course Merlin hiding under Arthur's bed. He spends a lot of time in California where his Dad lives, R Preview clip of tomorrow's episode, spoilery: Bradley insists he's "not exactly beating them off with a stick" and Colin reckons a relationship wouldn't be realistic given that he's filming so intensely for eight months.

Bradley and Angel kapow comic con. Uzbek girl nude. The scores are then averaged, and multiplied by Saw last night's episode as well, and I agree it seemed like they were acknowledging the chemistry, and having fun with it.

And he's not jealous, he's bored. Naked bradley james. Colin's delivery of "what's that thing eating, oh it's just Merlin" was freaking hysterical. Why "Ol' Slabby", R56? The Moment of Truth. And I will never forget. This reeks of PR trying to cover up their true sexuality. I like season two much better than season one's constant, bizarre bad CGI effects monsters and disjointed plotlines. When we're here in France, we sometimes go into Paris at the weekends. Naked ladies spreading. Thanks for the info, R Maybe its fading out from washing it?

I haven't heard one way or another about NBC's decision but the ratings from season one weren't good at all due to the stupidity of NBC hardly promoting the show and the stupidity of some American viewers' nitpicking at it. The show does not have a big following in the U. I think Colin was saying it jokingly when he said not to encourage it, though I suppose it is a little hard to make out his tone. Hopefully it can keep this up since SCD will be a 2.

Any US fans who watched the Merlin season 2 finale on Syfy, the moron network cut this scene out of the episode. FamousMales were always going to get these up sharpish. We just need to confirm now that Bradley is. Hot cars naked women. Syfy is a good compromise since it's meant for the fantasy and scifi shows and more people have access to it than BBC America.

And the noogies at the end.

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I'm sure there are screencaps by now, somewhere. Good at all kinds of sports.

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Emilia clarke nude breakfast at tiffanys Although WWII had started in Europe in , we didn't get involved until it affected use personally, when in , Pea Does the BBC have a problem with Merlin?
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